Krisjanis Rijnieks

Krisjanis Rijnieks is a creative technologist working within the intersection between art, design and engineering. He likes to write code in more than one programming language as well as to experiment with digital fabrication and run workshops related to projection mapping. Below is a list of topics you might be interested to discuss with him.

Currently Krisjanis spends most of his time at the Fab Lab Berlin doing full stack development and making things work at the lab level. He is also teaching the Digital Fabrication Studio course at the Aalto Fab Lab once a year and running Projection Mapping with the Raspberry Pi workshops occasionally. Below is a list of hyperlinks that link to social media profiles Krisjanis keeps maintaining.



Audiovisual laser dance performance built on top of a Raspberry-Pi-camera-based motion tracking system. Collaboration with Yuri Shimaoka. Work in progress.


Projection mapping addon for openFrameworks, optimized for the Raspberry Pi. You don't have to leave your Mac at the exhibition space for a month anymore.

Fab Lab Berlin

Being part of and building the awesome at the Fab Lab Berlin. 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling and electronics. Workshops and lots of creativity.


Audiovisual generative installation that runs completely on Raspberry Pi's using ofxPiMapper, in collaboration with Irina Spicaka.


Audiovisual mapping installation / audiovisual performance in collaboration with Irina Spicaka and Platon Buravicky.

Cinder - Begin Creative Coding

A introductory book about one of the most powerful open-source C++ creative coding frameworks available on the internet.

Time travel.